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I have had a letter from a young overseas lady complaining that in the dog world we are always waiting, I think that my answer may help some of our young impatient enthusiasts.


You are just beginning to find out what breeding dogs is all about, we are always waiting.

Waiting to see how that beautiful puppy bitch that you bought is going to turn out.

Waiting to see where the Judge at your first show is going to place your bitch, if she comes first he is a great Judge, anything less, he is an fool who knows nothing about Bull terriers.

Waiting for her to come in season.

Watching and waiting whilst this stupid stud dog try's to mate your bitch, the idiot thinks that all he has a Penis for is to Pee, success at last, he has managed to tie with her, I am sure it was accidental.

Waiting to see if she is in whelp. The day has arrived, her water has broken, she is starting to strain, 12 hours later, I think that is the last of them, we are all exhausted, I feel as if I have been run over by a truck, must get ready for work.

Waiting for the pup that you kept to grow up hoping that it will be an improvement on the parents.

Whilst the waiting can be a pain, it has great benefits, it keeps you young, you are always concentrating on the future, you have something to live for, the pleasure that these nutcase Bull terriers give you with there undying love can not be measured.

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