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Our Breeding Overview

An overview of our Miniature Bull terrier breeding from our start to now 2019


When we started the Miniatures that were around were generally of very poor quality, terrier in type with, Heart, Kidney, Breathing and PLL problems.


They did not look much like their Bull terrier big brothers who were fortunate to have some very gifted breeders leading the way in the UK.


We in Australia were fortunate to be allowed to mate a Bull terrier to a Bull terrier ( Miniature ) and register all of the pups as Miniatures which together with line or close breeding to the Interbred offspring solved a lot of the problems that were inherent in the early Miniatures.


The Miniatures that we are breeding today are the best that I have ever seen in make and shape, I would like to see them a little smaller, have more power of head, a little more fill plus slightly wider under jaw.


We still have the problem with size, partly due to the Bull terriers that were used, but mainly to our ridiculous standard that requires dogs and bitches to be 14 inches at the shoulder which is totally against the natural order of life, the male of a species is always larger, I cannot see the standard of our breed being corrected in my lifetime.


I am now 89 years old and have probably only 20- 25 years to live, but I am sure by the time that I drop off the perch, with the help of some of the dedicated younger breeders the Bull terrier Miniatures being bred will be a force to be reckoned with.



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