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Training New Breeders

Training new breeders how to breed dogs whilst working with nature.


Most people who show dogs are very negative thinkers, they look at their own dogs, with eyes of love. They look for faults in their competitor's dogs.


The Professional Breeder is looking to see how close the bitch he is studying is to the Standard of the breed and perfection.

Some years ago I was watching a Specialist judge placing the open bitch class, a friend who was sitting next to me pointed out that the bitch the judge had in the front of the line up had a very plain head, also that most of the bitch's in the line up had better heads than the one in front. I agreed with her. “so why has she got that bitch in first place?” She asked me. I answered, look at the make and shape of that bitch, she is near perfection, the other bitch's have better heads but nothing like the great body of the bitch in the front.


Consider that bitch from a breeding point of view, if she is mated to a dog with a very good head and a good body,all of her pups will have great bodies, and 25% will have great heads, by selecting a similar dog to mate to her when she comes into season next time, then when the pups from the second litter are old enough to mate to pups from the first litter, doubling up on the bitch, the result will be the making of a great kennel.


We must work with nature, if we don't work with nature we will fail.

What does work with nature actually mean in practice?


The strongest toughest males fight off all of the other males to fertilize the females who are ovulating.

The dog and the bitch tie, meaning that they knot, then turn so that there is now a set of teeth at both ends of the mating dogs to help maintain the tie. 

After about 63 days the puppies are born, as nature works in opposites, the male puppies will be very masculine and the bitch pups very feminine. The feminine bitch puppies, when they mature, will produce more eggs, have more pups who will be smaller thus easier for the bitch to pass when whelping. 

Show people do not consider nature, they see this dog who has just won. If my bitch was mated to him, the pups should be winners. This is the first move in destroying what nature has produced because often the dog is not very masculine.

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