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The Iron Maiden Mating Machine

I designed the mating machine ( The Iron Maiden ) in the mid 60s.

Leo Gleeson who had the Noseelg Kennels had imported a dog from England, Booksale Bardolf, we had a bitch that would suit him, we traveled down to Geelong for the mating, Leo tied the bitches collar to one of the veranda posts and Bardolf mated the bitch, I was impressed with the ease of the mating, it crossed my mind that if the rear of the bitch could be supported and raised or lowered to suit the dog it would make mating a difficult bitch easier. Arriving home I quickly put the first Iron Maiden together from scrap in my shed, It wasn`t long before there were a lot of people copying my design, I still have the original one.

One of the breeders in those days was a man named Nankervis, he named it the Iron Maiden, the name stuck.

Wayne Dunnick of Kennel Calypso in the USA was visiting, he watched me mating a bitch on my original machine then suggested that he had framing at home that would make the adjustments easier, after he arrived home he generously sent us the framing system.

The photo`s below are of the new improved version.

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