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Specialist Judges Versus All Breeds Judges

A top class Specialist Judge is a person who hopefully has been breeding very good Bull terriers for a considerable number of years, who has the courage to put up the very good dog who may be showing an obvious fault or two instead of taking the easy way out by putting up a lesser dog who has less faults but often lacks obvious virtue, we have this bad judging in our Miniatures, where a very ordinary smaller animal is put up over a much better dog who is 2 inches oversize.


(When you find a good Breeder Judge, send an entry for the show as they are rare).


A Group or All Breeds judge has a reasonable knowledge of all the breeds, they like animals that are alert, showy, and good movers, they need not necessarily be good Bull Terriers.


Some years ago in Victoria when I was going to lectures prior to getting my Bull Terrier Specialist License I attended an Airedale lecture being given by an All Breeds Judge who bred Smooth Fox Terriers, the first question that he was asked was “ What is the first thing that you look for” he said “ I look for a dog that is all in one piece and moves well” I immediately asked “does it help if he looks like an Airedale” the lecturer said “ he has to be Typical of the breed” it is my view that Breed Type must be paramount, you can see great moving mongrels everywhere.


That great breeder and judge Raymond Oppenheimer nailed it years ago when he stated, “A GOOD JUDGE JUDGES WITH THE PROGRESS OF THE BREED IN MIND”.

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