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Skin Problems

There are a few skin problems in our breed that occasionally appear


1. Ring worm A Fungal infection

Small round bald patches will appear on the body of the dog, red and raised around the perimeter, treat with a fungal cream or Iodine.


2. Sarcoptic Mange

A highly infectious condition that causes extreme irritation, the dog scratches its back on anything that is available often breaking the skin which becomes infected, requiring Anti-biotics to treat the infection, in bad cases the skin will become rough, corrugated and split, the hair will have been rubbed off. Give the dog a bath then rinse with Malawash or whatever insecticidal wash that is available and allow to dry on the skin, If your dog lives outside the easiest treatment is with sump oil out of a petrol burning car, the oil lubricates the skin and the Sulphur in the oil cures the problem. ( in 3 to4 weeks the skin will be OK and the new hair will be growing).


3. Demodectic Mange

The Demodectic Mange mite that lives in the hair follicle is the culprit, the condition does not appear until the animal is under stress or has some other problem that allows the mite to proliferate, it does not normally itch, is hard to cure, the skin becomes red, and the hair falls out, in bad cases the dog can have a very strong mousey smell, injectable Ivermectin given either orally or by subcutaneous injections over a few weeks will do the job, if it persists injections of Doramectin will finish the job.

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