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Questions about the Size of our Miniatures

1. The Smaller Miniature Bull terriers were generally very badly put together and did not compare very favourably with their larger brothers.


2. To reduce the size of the Miniatures the breeders in the UK some years ago mated a Parson Jack Russell terrier and a Miniature Bull terrier   together to try and breed smaller animals, they then tried to breed out the Parson Jack Russell terrier, the results are easy to see, large eyes, poor dippy heads, small bone and last but worst is PLL (Primary Lens Luxation).


3. About 19 years ago the Canine Control Council of Queensland allowed breeders to mate a Bull terrier to a Miniature with all of the offspring being registered as Miniatures, even though they were actually interbred. This clever move allowed breeders to dilute the Miniature Bloodlines, improve the make and shape; the resultant pups were now beginning to look more like their bigger brothers, the disadvantage being that they and their offspring are usually oversize, anything from 15 to 17 inches at the shoulder, in the show ring to a lot of judges this is tantamount to having two heads, or only 3 legs, the good judges realise it is only 1 fault and penalise it accordingly.

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