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Notes on PLL

Primary Lens Luxation is a problem that the Miniature Bullterrier has inherited from probably the Parson Jack Russell Terrier when small terriers were mated to Miniature Bullterriers to try and keep the size down in the Miniatures, the old cry was keep the small ones, obviously for breeding, purposes thus perpetuating the problem as the small ones were more like the Parson Jack Russell and carried PLL as a linked trait.

In affected dogs the cables that hold the lens of the eye in position slowly disintegrates and eventually breaks, the lens falls either forward or backwards into the eye, if the lens falls forward the eye becomes sore and inflamed, if it falls back into the eye it looks as if the dog has a very large pupil, in either case the dog is blind.

PLL usually becomes apparent around 4 to 5 years of age, there are now a lot of animals worldwide carrying the recessive gene, the good news is that there are now DNA tests to pinpoint the gene carrying PLL.

We use The Animal Health Trust in England for all of our tests, they supply swabs which are then returned to them, we get the results for a small fee.

The tests will show if an animal is Affected, a Carrier or Clear of PLL.

Send an email to and indicate how many swabs that you require.

More information can be obtained by emailing

There is no cure for PLL but eye drops used for Glaucoma will reduce the swelling in the Eye, the swelling in the Eye appears to cause the fine cables holding the Eye lens in place to break.

Alternatively, if you live in a more enlightened Country that allows Marihuana to be used for medical purposes, ½ of a small cookie daily made with Marihuana butter will do the same job.

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