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Notes for Prospective Buyers

Most men buy a pup as pet to be one of the family and keep the kids happy, his wife can`t understand what her husband sees in these ugly dogs. He, would like this lovely dog pup, she puts her foot down, “we are not going to have a sex mad aggressive dog in our house, if we have to have one, it will have to be a girl pup”, the husband being smart thinks, it is at least half a win.

Away they go, one very happy man, one scowling wife with the bitch puppy in the back of the car, jumping all over the children, licking their faces and trying to nibble their ears. Fast forward 3 months, we can hear a car in the drive, we now behold a rather disheveled lady holding a 5 month puppy on her lap, all her makeup has gone and she is covered in dog hair, even so she has a big smile on her face, she and the pup love each other.


It is amazing how these lovable hooligans can get to you, they know when someone does not approve of them, they then proceed to give then special attention.

A few months down the track we get a phone call from an excited owner, someone who was driving past when he was walking the pup, stopped to look at the pup, the driver asked him if she was a show dog, he said she was just a pet whereupon the driver told him that she would do very well in the show ring and suggested that if he attended a few shows and he would realize the quality of his pet.

The pup was a decent specimen of the breed but not outstanding, she would have some success in the show ring depending upon the quality of her competitors.

The upshot was that we had them back at the kennels to give them lessons on what was required in the show ring.
After a few wins the owners thoughts turned to breeding.

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