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Notes for Prospective Breeders

Breeding good quality dogs to our Breed Standard is not difficult, the hard part is in programming your brain.

You add software to a computer to make it run quickly and efficiently, you pack into the programs information that your business needs for its everyday running. Breeding dogs is no different, if you are building a house you have plans and specifications. The Standard of our Breed is our plan and specifications; it also spells out what is not allowed.

It is essential that you not only know the written word but understand how the dog was derived, the basic ingredients were the Bull Dog the English White Terrier and the Dalmation, the Bulldog gave big bone and courage, the English White terrier gave agility, aggressiveness and improved breathing, the Dalmation good movement, balance with well laid shoulders and angulated pelvis, the Fourth type is the one I hope everyone is trying to breed the Complete Mixture of the other Three.

In our breed the mixture tends to come apart at the seams, some dogs lean towards the Terrier in type, some towards the Dalmation some towards the Bulldog, the difference is often subtle but the clever breeder can see the skeleton of the dog under the skin and realizes that whilst Type must prevail mating two animals who compliment each other produces the best results.

To make it simple, select the right length of bone, with good angulation of shoulder and pelvis, double up on the virtues of both animals, mask any faults with a virtue and you will have some pups who will be better than their parents, this particularly true if they are line bred.

Having done the necessary mental work, you should have in your mind a picture of the perfect dog that you would like to breed, when you decide to buy a bitch pup look at both parents, see if in your mind they are of good type and whether you think that they compliment each other, do not decide in a hurry, if you make a mistake, even if you are a clever breeder it can set you back 10 years in your breeding program and you can be sure your partner will not let you sell your mistake.

Finally buy the best bitch that you can it may cost more now but will save you years in your breeding program.

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