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Nature Versus Breeders

Over the years we Show Dog Breeders have problems that we have difficulty understanding, and for which the Veterinary profession has no answers.

Dogs that we hope to stand at stud, have a poor sperm count and never manage to fertilize a bitch, and are not interested in mating a bitch.

Bitches that have funny seasons, rarely or never ovulate, would sooner fight the stud dog than mate.

Dogs and bitches that have funny temperaments, nervousness, fear-bite overly aggressive etc.

In my experience in our 60 years in Bullterrier breeding, most of the problems arise when we try to fight nature.

I am sure everyone has heard the saying ( survival of the fittest ); this is nature in action.

In the wild, the leader of the pack who is the toughest dog mates most of the bitches, resulting in a pack that has very masculine dogs and feminine bitches who have no trouble whelping.

In the Show Ring the dog that wins the most awards is heavily used at stud, very often it is the elegant dog that takes the Judges eye, one might say slightly pretty, they tend to be a little quieter maybe they have a few more female hormones, a little less Testosterone, his bitch pups tend to be a little more Doggy, the dog pups a little less masculine.

The doggy bitch has fewer pups, they are bigger, often the bitch cannot pass them; result without human intervention is one dead bitch.

( Nature has a wonderful way of solving problems).

We as breeders also propagate the problem by having caesarian’s to remove puppies that the bitch cannot pass, then we breed from the suspect progeny.

The standard of our breed has the perfect answer !

Irrespective of size, Dogs should be masculine and Bitches feminine.

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