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Mixture for keeping sick puppies alive

There are many reasons for new born puppies failing to thrive, this mixture helps when the problem is nutritional.

When the bitch has very little milk the owners will bottle feed milk formula to the puppies, with their brains firmly stuck in neutral, they will let the puppies drink as much as they like because they think that more is better, in a puppies gut there is good bacteria and bad bacteria, if the puppies are fed too much formula for the good bacteria in the gut to process the bad bacteria will   proliferate, successfully killing the pups.

Cleanliness is vital as they have no immunity, children whilst being a bloody nuisance around puppies seem the get great pleasure from puppies sucking on their dirty fingers.

1 to 2 days old, to 100 ml of puppy ½ strength milk formula, add two teaspoons of Glucose, and ½ a teaspoon of Gastrolyte.

Put 2 ml per puppy into a separate 100 ml baby bottle, bring up to blood heat, then add Acidophilus, one Capsule of Inner Health Plus will be sufficient for 8 puppies. ( Do not artificially heat Acidophilus as it is a living Bacteria ).

Tube feed 2ml to each pup, it is better to tube feed them so that you know exactly how much they are getting, it is essential that you let them feed off the bitch every 2 1/2 hours, this will increase her milk flow, every 3 hours feed them the mix until you are sure that they are out of danger.

Slowly increase the strength of the milk formula until full strength plus increase the amount fed as the puppies thrive.

Hopefully the bitch will then take over the job of raising her puppies.

If you are having problems we are only as far away from you as your telephone.

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