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Male or Female, Your Choice

In a Dog Breeding Kennels Male or Female, Your choice.

The most valuable animals are the Bitch`s, you then have the choice of Stud Dogs to compliment your Bitch`s in lifting the Quality of  the puppies that you produce. About 50 years ago a Female gynacologist in London  found that sperm came in two sizes, large and small, the large were female, the small were male. When I read her paper It occurred to me that the smaller males should swim faster than the females, but the female sperm would be stronger and live longer, so by mating 2 or 3 days early, I found that I was getting more female pups, sometimes 5 or 6 bitch pups to 1 or 2 dog pups.

It is not generally known that by timing the mating  you can produce more Females, When a female ovulates her Eggs move down to her Fallopian tubes but they are not yet ripe, it takes about 48 hours for them to ripen, if she is mated early before the eggs ripen she will mainly have bitch pups. If she is mated when the eggs are ripe she will produce more dog pups as they swim faster.

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