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Assisting New Owners with Puppies

1.When your new pup awakes he will want to urinate (pee), you must put the pup outside immediately, if you say wait a minute you will be to late and it will have made a puddle on the carpet.

2.When your pup has been fed he will need to be put outside immediately, see above.

3. Don`t walk your pup outside of your property until one week after its 12 week vaccination (C4).


4. When teaching your pup to walk on a lead you will find it easier if you put a small collar on it with 6  inches of a light chain attached, and let it walk around the yard for a week, this is to get it used to something around its neck. A light line about 5 feet long such as that used to pull up venation blinds with a small solid chrome ring attached, used like a noose is fine to train a pup to walk, but don't try to walk it away from home, put the pup under your arm walk 20 yards away from the gate put the pup on the ground and walk home, it always will walk home, then make a big fuss of it telling it how clever it is, repeat until the pup will walk both ways just to get the praise.

5. When you receive the pup from us it will attack its food as though it is starving, but after a little while the pup will decide to do a little training on its own behalf, and you will be the recipient of the training, firstly it will start leaving some of its food, and you being the average pet owner will start getting worried and think that it is getting sick of the same food all of  the time so you will get some different type of food, the pup will eat the new food for a few days and then start leaving some, this will be repeated time and time again until in desperation you will do what you should have done in the first place and given me a bell to sort out your problem, what I will tell you is to go back to the way of feeding the pup that was on the menu that you received from us with the pup, but with this addition, I will tell you to put down the pups food and start counting slowly to 10 in a loud voice, then pick up the bowl whether it is finished or not, if there is food on the bowl cover with Glad Wrap and put in the fridge at the next meal time take out of the fridge give to the pup and start counting I have never known any adult dog to go more than 4 days without eating, your pup will only miss a couple of meals and your problem will have been solved.


6. Dogs are pack animals, in a pack there are leaders and followers, make sure that you and all members of your family are recognized by the pup as leaders, the pup will need discipline, a crack with a rolled up newspaper with a loudly shouted no works wonders.


7. If you have a problem that you cannot solve we are only as far away from you as your telephone, give us a bell on 0493210276, we are only to happy to be of help.

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