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An Email from a Friend Plus my Reply

Who has bred some very nice line bred puppies, her query was that she was considering buying a dog puppy who was a total out-cross to her line to mate to her bitch`s.


This is a decision only you can make, but it should be made for the right reason.

Raymond Oppenheimer who I think was the greatest thinker in the Bull terrier world and who lifted our breed with his intelligence wrote. "A judicious out-cross can bring great benefits to a breed, an injudicious out-cross can cause immeasurable harm and take years to correct".



Are you proposing to be a breeder of good dogs that are close to the standard of our breed, or are you just proposing to breed puppies regardless of type for financial

consideration? if the later then buy the pup.



If breeding great dogs is your goal, don`t buy anything, you have the nucleolus of a great kennel in the litter that you have at the moment, when the time comes to mate them you will have the choice of all the stud dogs in Australia.

What you are proposing does not make a lot of sense, to buy an out crossed dog pup to mate to bitch pups that you have put out on breeders terms is assuming that they will complement each other when they are old enough to breed, which, is highly unlikely.

Over the years, as a Professional Breeder I have put a lot of Dog pups out on breeders terms, the number that I have used at stud has been very small, either they have not been suitable for the bitch, or I had an improved younger model dog who better complimented the bitch. 


I hope this is of help. 


Best wishes


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