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Feeding Progesterone

Feeding progesterone to Doggy or Older Bitches to stop them from reabsorbing their whelps.


Start Tablets 10 days after last mating. 10 mg/ml

¼ tablet for 4 days, ½ tablet for 4 days, ¾ tablet for 4 days

I tablet each day thereafter, If at 53 days the bitch is very big, increase the dose by ½ a tablet, feed tablets until she starts to whelp.


The disadvantage of feeding Progesterone is that the bitch will have Uterine Inertia and will need a Caesarean.

Only use this method if you have a caring Vet who is an excellent surgeon and willing to be on call out of normal hours if required.

To be given thrice weekly

1 Zinc tablet, 1 Folic acid, 1 Multi Vitamin, 1 Egg

At about 7 weeks split her meal in two, half morning and evening, do not over feed, a fat bitch can have complications.


If your bitch normally drinks a lot of water she may have the Kidney problem Nephritis, therefore I would not recommend giving her Progesterone, the   excess protein together with the waste from the whelps can cause kidney failure.

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